kanchipuram sarees

Kanchipuram village became famous only because of their kanchipuram sarees that can compete with every Other silk sarees in the world in terms of Beauty and quality. Kanchipuram silk sarees are indispensable part of most of the Indian weddings. It consider as a symbol of pride and ethnicity of every bride as well as the cultural tradition. India is a festival rich country, we celebrate every festival, and Kanchipuram sarees are suitable for almost all festival occasions in India. Every Indian woman will have a dream of owning at least one of this saree that will make her feel proud in every occasion. Wearing Kanchipuram sarees become a traditional habit since a long back. Here we are presenting the most gorgeous Kanchipuram sarees that we have found in recent times. These sarees are special because of the material, purity of silk, elegant designs and also because of its making. These sarees are known for their thread works, which is woven on silks.

  1. Orange &Pink Mixed Pure Kanchipuram Silk saree

orange pink kancheepuram silk saree

One of the most beautiful Kanchipuram silk saree I have ever seen. It is a Kanchipuram Bridal saree with 18 inch Golden border which is very much suitable with its Orange and pink mixture colour. Its beauty improvised by the peacock buttas designs giving a very rich look to this saree. This saree is a bridal silk saree but can be used in different occasions. You take an extra care to the threads since it is very pure and pure silk materials are easy to get damage. Only dry-wash is preferred. https://kanjivaramsilks.com/kanchipuram-silk-sarees

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Store
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India 631501
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Chilly Red Kanchipuram Saree.


Red Kanchipuram sarees always have a very royal look. Red Kanchi sarees are mostly preferred for brides in south Indian marriages. This gorgeous looking Chilly red Kanchipuram silk saree has a 9 inch golden border. Saree is made up of Pure Kanchipuram silk material. Chilly red silk saree have many beautiful hibiscus flower design printed on it, which will be a highlight of this saree.  The red chilly colored silk sarees are suitable for ladies having a fair skin. click here for  online silk saree collections

Best online kanchipuram saree shop

Kanchipuram silk saree shop – Makers of Kanchi Wedding sarees

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black tissue wedding silk saree

black tissue wedding silk saree

Kanchipuram Wedding Silk Sarees (Makers),

53a, North Usman Road, (Near New GRT Gold house),

T.Nagar, chennai, Tamil Nadu,

India 600017.

Contact nr: 9677063537

  • Black Kanchipuram Silk Saree.


Black has a fascinating beauty hided in it. This black Kanchi silk saree is a combination of beauty and quality. It is made up of pure Kanchipuram silk zari. You will realize the beauty of the silver Kanchi silk saree when you see this one. You cannot value its beauty by money and you cannot express its beauty by words. Suitable for fairy ladies. this saree goes well with any bright colour designer blouses

  • Pink Pure Zari Kanchipuram Silk saree.

pink kanchipuram-silk-saree

Pink pure Zari Kanchi silk sarees are one of my favorite Kanchi sarees. In this design, small butta designs are used to bring a charismatic look to the saree. The materials used for the making of this Kanjivaram silk saree are only pure zari silk materials.

  • Plain Maroon Kanchipuram Saree.


Wearing some heavy design worked sarees will not be suitable for some occasions. If you are a simple dressing type, you can definitely go for this kanchi silk saree. There is no embroidery works in the saree and a very light border made of pure zari golden silk material adding up the beauty of this saree. This is not a bridal silk saree but can wear on marriage occasions too.

  • Full gold Kanchipuram saree.


This is a very highly designed model  saree which can be wore only in special occasions. Since it’s too bright, you will be easily noticeable in any public functions you are attending. This Kanchipuram silk saree is made up of very pure zari and that’s why it is little expensive too. This can be worn with very few ornaments.  The colour of the saree will be very much suitable for ladies having a dark complexion. http://weddingsilksarees.co.in/

  • Yellow Bridal Special Kanchipuram Saree.


While going through many fashion websites,  we noticed this Yellow colored bridal special Kanchipuram silk saree on a website www.kanjivaramsilks.com . we were very impressed with its design and classic finishing. This is purely a bridal Silk saree but can be used during some special occasions. As the information from the website, the saree is made up of pure zari materials. The colour of the saree is suitable for both fair and dark complexion girls.

gold wedding saree


  • Trendy Off-White Kanchipuram Saree


Wearing Kanchi sarees during traditional events are very common, but there are few kanchi silk sarees that can be worn for parties. This off-white  saree is also made of pure zari, but zari work is very less. It doesn’t have a border work, but that doesn’t mean it is not classy. The best part of this Off-White  saree , it can be worn with blouses with any colour and pattern.  If you have a little dark skin, this saree will suit your skin very well.

rexona green kancheepuram saree

  • Parrot Green Kanchipuram Saree.


Green colour is considered as a symbol of wealth and richness. That’s why Green colour  sarees mostly used in Indian marriages. This green colour saree have a four inch border, with pure zari materials. It has a flower design very beautifully designed, which will give a fabulous look. Parrot green colour is suitable for ladies with fairy skin.

silver tissue kanchi saree

silver tissue kanchi saree

  • Royal Blue Kanchipuram Silk saree.


The royal looking blue colour silk saree will give a royal look as the name suggest. This Kanchipuram silk saree have 7 inch border made of silver colour silk zari. Royal blue saree is best when paired with Blouses having embroidery works.  The colour of saree will be very much matching with ladies having fairy skin.

We hope you enjoyed these sarees, anyhow getting a  kanchi saree is not a big task, but please make sure you are getting a pure silk saree that having best quality. There are many fake kanchi sarees are available in markets for cheap rate. Please don’t go for cheap  sarees, that will not last few months. The sarees that we discussed here are the best to our knowledge, made of pure silk materials.