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The designer blouse enhances the appearance of your ethnic wear. 50 types of embroidery bridal blouse designs for pattu sarees and blouse stitching designs are given below so that you can try each one of them. Try and watch your beautification!

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Below are the  50 different types of bridal blouse designs for pattu sarees that will match well

  • Halter Neck designer blouse

Halter neck blouses have become a trending style recently. It perfectly suits for a party wear. We recommend you to wear Halter necks with soft saree materials such as chiffons, georgettes and crepes. Kindly do not prefer halter neck blouse if you possess broad shoulders.




  • Backless Blouse

Backless blouse is especially for a woman who demands safe and comfortable neckline. However this type of designer blouse must avoid stiff saree materials such as cotton. Kindly do not prefer backless blouse if you possess short necks.

Backless Blouse design

kareena Backless Blouse design

  1. High Neck Blouse

High neck blouse provides maximum coverage and gives a graceful look. Kindly do not prefer this type of blouses if you possess short neck.

High Neck Blouse design

orange High Neck Blouse design


4.Boat Neck design Blouse

Boat neck blouse is a perfect choice for women who demand comfortable neckline and no cleavage exposure. However boat neck best suits when paired with soft and light materials. Kindly do not prefer boat neck blouse if you possess narrow shoulders.

Boat Neck design Blouse

bollywood Boat Neck design Blouse

  1. Asymmetric Blouse                                                                                                                            Asymmetric blouse gives a kind of informal look. This design does not have regular cuts or necklines.

Asymmetric Blouse designs

  1. Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Peter pan blouse refers to the round collar design which tends to meet in front.  Wear soft saree materials with this blouse. Kindly do not prefer Peter Pan collar blouse if you possess short neck.

Peter Pan Collar Blouse designs

Peter Pan Collar Blouse designs 1

  1. Collar Neck designer Blouse



Collar neck provides the close neckline and solves cleavage problems. However the collars can be made more adorable with handwork or embroidery work. Do not prefer collar neck blouse if you possess short neck.

8.Knotted Blouse




The specialty of this design is to have a designer knot at the back. The knots can be in the form a bow or an embroidery cut. It suits any type of saree material.

  1. Jacket Style Blouse



Most evidently wear Jacket Style blouse with saree draping styles such as dhoti. It mostly resembles the saree draping styles of Gujarati and Bengali.

  1. Sheer Neck Blouse

Sheer neck design provides an elegant look with the highlighting embroidery work on it. The saree materials should be light and soft. Kindly do not prefer Sheer Neck Blouse if you are fat.

  1. U Shape Neck Blouse


U shape neck design is a very simple type but still gives a rich look. The style can be modified with various sleeve designs to enhance the uniqueness.  Do not prefer U Shape neck blouse if you possess either a flat or a heavy chest.

  1. Spaghetti Strap bridal Blouse designs for pattu sarees


Spaghetti strap design provides a modern look. The thin straps are enhanced with stone work or any other suitable hand work. Kindly do not prefer spaghetti strap blouse if you possess fat arms.

  1. Princess Cut Blouse


Princess cut design provides the perfect body fit for woman’s bosom. Additionally it has got a broad and extensive neckline. Kindly do not prefer princess cut blouse if you have either a flat or a heavy chest.

  1. Keyhole Neck Blouse designs for pattu sarees

Keyhole Neck design is another way to seek different neckline styles. Along with the embroidery work a designer cut is provided. It might or might not have sleeves.

  1. Round Neck designer Blouse


Round neck blouse can be considered as one of the traditional design types. Any style of saree draping will suit this type of blouse.

  1. Square Neck Blouse


Square neck design is the most common type of blouse. But its uniqueness can be enhanced by changing the sleeve design and the back neck design. Light and soft saree materials will perfectly suit this type of blouse.

  1. Crew Neck Blouse

Crew neck blouse provides more elegant look with a grand dupatta. Also it provides a decent space for wearing a jewelry set. Long neck women really look beautiful with crew neck blouse.  Kindly do not prefer this type of blouse if you possess flat chest.

  1. Long Blouse


Mostly the long blouse designs for pattu sarees are preferred with simple dupatta draping styles. This to make sure that the whole blouse outfit is prominently visible. Kindly prefer light and soft materials to wear on the long blouse which must be floating.

  1. Embroidered Blouse


Embroidered blouse is usually recommended for bigger occasions. It gives a very real and grand look. Get your blouses embroidered in accordance with your saree color. it goes well with kanjivaram sarees

  1. Cutwork Blouse


Cutwork design is been tailored very cautiously with beautiful cuts that outfit the women’s bosom. However, the woman who does not like to expose their skin more can avoid cutwork blouse. Kindly prefer soft and light materials with cutwork blouse to showcase the elegant design. For kanjivaram sarees online check out

  1. T Back Blouse

T – Back design is a slightly modified form of traditional blouse type. The back neck is T – shaped which can be enhanced with embroidery work.

  1. Strapless Blouse


Strapless blouse tends to expose the complete shoulder all over. If you do not like to expose the skin then try avoiding such designs. Make sure that you wear a proper inner garment which supports the strapless blouse.

  1. Peplum Blouse

Mainly the peplum blouses decorate your waist portion. They seem to be typical and unique with the frill type of work done. Kindly prefer stiff cloth materials for peplum blouse. Moreover the side draping style brings a greater elegant look for the outfit.

  1. Angrakha Style Blouse


Angrakha design provides a complete coverage for your body. In fact, it has a safe and comfortable neckline. The design can be made more adorable with some kind of embroidery work on the front portion.

  1. Cape Sleeve Blouse


Cape sleeve design is a unique combination of new and old style. Kindly do not prefer cape sleeve blouse if you are fat. This is because cape sleeve design contains an extra layer of fabric which is already giving a plump look.

  1. Butterfly Sleeve Blouse

Butterfly sleeve design looks prominent with the semi – transparent blouse materials. Also the kind of saree material you choose will add on to its elegance. Most preferably draping a net saree tends to look more beautiful. If possible get an embroidery work done on the flared sleeves.

  1. Off Shoulder Blouse


Off shoulder design is almost similar to the strapless blouse. Anyways you will have a comfortable neckline with a decent shoulder exposure. Kindly do not prefer off shoulder blouse if you possess broad shoulders or fat arms.

  1. Corset Blouse


Corset design can be either with a sleeve or without a sleeve. You can make the best choice as per your comfort. However it is a perfect outfit for a woman who has an excellent body shape. Any kind of fabric material is suitable.

  1. Attached Dupatta Blouse


Attached dupatta designer blouse is recommended for two main kinds of outfits –

  • Half saree
  • Long skirts

Prefer this kind of blouse type for an easy and fast wear to parties.

  1. High – Low Blouse

High – Low blouse provides the unique outfit when compared to all other blouse types. If you wear skirts or palazzos or dhoti sarees then the appearance of the outfit will be classic.

  1. Long Sleeved Blouse


Long sleeved designer blouse  looks more beautiful over the tall woman. Its elegance is enhanced when supported with an embroidered work on the sleeves. This outfit will definitely make you trendier than ever and will match well with kanchipuram pattu sarees

  1. Top Neck Designs


Top neck blouse have close necklines. So you must avoid heavy jewelry accessories to wear on. Kindly do not prefer this type of blouse if you possess short neck.

  1. Lace Blouse designs

Lace blouse  embraces the beauty of the woman in its own way. The contrasting color combination of a lace material and a lining material takes the appearance to the next level. However the lace material itself contains a thread work. Hence there is no need to get an extra embroidery work done on it.

  1. High Neck Blouse


High neck designer blouse  is another type which contains close collar neckline. The appearance can be enhanced with the embroidered work on neck and sleeve portion. Kindly do not prefer high neck blouse  if you have a short neck.

  1. Cropped Blouse designs

Cropped Blouse tends to be a more casual outfit. The long flair skirts or flair palazzos bring out the tremendous appearance with cropped blouse. Kindly do not prefer this type of blouse  if you have a plump waistline.

  1. Sidezip Blouse Pattern


Side zip blouse pattern is easy to wear. The body fit is amazing with this type of designer blouse. However the back neck can possess some kind of good embroidery work. In fact, strapless blouse blends perfectly with side zip design.

  1. Asymmetrical Triangle Blouse

Get a unique touch on your normal blouse designs. Asymmetrical triangle blouse allows you to decently expose your navel with a tattoo or a piece. Kindly prefer soft and light materials such as georgette to wear with this blouse type.

  1. Bridal Blouse designs


Bridal blouse is completely filled with compact thread work and embroidery work. The appearance can be enhanced with stone and pearl work. Choose the neckline carefully based on your body shape. Apart from the embroidery work, the selection of sleeve style and back neck style also matters.

  1. Draped Blouse

Draped blouse is a design which contains beautiful and small multiple pleats overall. Anyways, draped blouse does not prefer a dupatta over it.

  1. Net Blouses


Net blouse is one of the trending types in the fashion industry. Mainly the sleeves and shoulder areas possess net material. Also the selection of net material enhances the appearance. The Net material can be made more appealing if a stone work is done on it.

  1. Bodysuit Blouse


Bodysuit blouse perfectly fits the body shape. Nowadays, the bodysuit is available in the form of readymade outfit already with a saree attached to it.

  1. Patchwork Blouses

Patchwork designer blouse  is usually recommended for a regular daily wear purpose. The contrast color present in a saree is chosen as a patch work material. Also the related embroidery designs are done on the patch work to enhance its appearance. However all types of fabric materials are suitable. Generally a woman with any type of body shape can choose a patchwork blouse.

  1. Panelled Blouse


Panelled blouse designs possess multiple fabric materials over a base material. However it gives a unique look when stitched together. It can be worn on skirts and soft fabric sarees.

  1. Jewel Neck Blouse


Jewel neck blouse contains a heavy stone work done on the neckline. Since the blouse seems to be grand and appealing, the supporting saree outfit must be simple and elegant.

  1. Graphic Blouse


Graphic blouse material is digitally printed with different varieties of stunning designer prints. However the blouse stitched from such materials give a classic look.

  1. Leather Blouse


The Leather blouse is either completely stitched with the leather material or only the embroidery patchwork is done with the leather material. Also the creative cutwork adds on to the elegant appearance of leather blouse.

  1. Mandarin Blouse


Mandarin blouse is a closed collar type design. A woman with long neck looks beautiful with the Mandarin blouse. This design can be enhanced with slight modifications such as having backless necks.

  1. Sweater Blouse

Sweater blouse is a special type of design made by knitting and accompanied with stunning designs in between.

  1. Sweetheart Neck Blouse


Sweetheart neck design is a cleavage oriented outfit. Kindly prefer this type of design if you are comfortable with decent exposure. However, the sweetheart neck design has got a broad and deep neckline.

  1. Criss-Cross Blouse


Criss – Cross blouse  tends to have a great exposure element. Mainly the occasions such as western parties and beach parties are suitable to wear criss – cross blouse outfit. But the woman with flat chest must avoid this type of  designer blouse.